Leaving the classroom 2020 and going back 2021

Getting back to school in April 2021 will be as challenging as shutting down schools in April 2020. Last year at this time teachers at all academic levels, K-12, community colleges and universities, had to take their lessons they had created for face to face student engagement within classrooms and convert them to online classrooms. Mind you this was being asked of teachers without technical support. There were no IT guys or gals showing up at their homes to help them with videotelephony software issues, internet concerns, or bandwidth debacles. It was left up to teachers to self-learn an entirely new system they were never trained for or had any prior experiences with.

With that said, most teachers, adjunct instructors and professors did try to step up to the plate and hit the curve balls the best they could. Admittedly some academics struck out and left students hanging without learned much content over the past 12 months. The same attitudes and reasons for individuals to enter into the teaching vocation provided the wind under their wings to push teachers to do the huge task of altering their classrooms completely.

Now due to reduced transmission rates, declining hospitalizations and a falling death rate teachers are planning to reenter their schools, colleges and universities. Once again they are having to adjust and manage with little guidance and support. Yet like what occurred last April, our teacher champions will rise to the task.

Having worked in education since 1984, I have full confidence we will get back into the swing of things quickly. Teachers are an amazing group. They do extra work for no extra pay. They go above and beyond to support student achievement and take student failure personally. Yes, we have weak teachers who do not fit that description but overall, teachers have done a herculean job and society owes them a great deal of respect and admiration.

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