Children's Book

The Book Jewel in Westchester Triangle is now carrying my book

The Book Jewel is a wonderful independent bookstore located in Westchester Triangle. It is a new addition to the 3 block area filled with mom-and-pop stores. The renovated building has charm and warmth with wood bookcases, comfortable couches and chairs, and a cat named “Paiges”. It is a great place to check out books you have wanted to purchase after reading reviews such as “Renegades” by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. The Book Jewel is generous enough to also support local authors without the street cred of Mr. Obama and Mr. Springsteen. I am grateful to have my book included on the shelf space in the Children’s Book Section.

By Dr. Barbara Christie

Author of Look At Me, Look At Me - Can You Guess My Specialty?

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