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Look At Me, Look At Me-Can You Guess My Specialty?

Look At Me, Look At Me-Can You Guess My Specialty? is my first published children’s book. The book allows children to use their natural powers of observation to recognize patterns that animals share such as master jumpers having long, powerful hind legs and master predators having all sharp teeth. Look At Me helps children recognize behaviors and physical features of animals that enable them to survive as masters of their domains. Whether a master at camouflage, a master climber or a master runner, each page allows children to guess using the provided clues which animals are being represented.

The goal of the book is to help 4-8 year old children develop reasoning skills and draw conclusions in a fun and playful way. The content of the book prepares young children for the T-K through 3rd Grade science curriculum. The book helps support the development of scientific thinking and processing of content.

The book is published by the University of Southern California’s Figueroa Press.

The website to visit to purchase the book is:

eBAY  ($11.99 with free postage & I can sign the book for you)

  • Use the title of the book to find the page or
  •           (FREE POSTAGE)

The illustrations by Lori Ann Levy-Holm beautifully provide the visuals for the characteristics and patterns of 36 animals.

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