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Purchasing Look At Me

To purchase Look At Me, Look At Me-Can You Guess My Specialty? you can go to the following websites: eBAY  ($19.50 with free postage & I can sign the book for you) Use the title of the book to find the page or… Continue Reading “Purchasing Look At Me”

SCBWI Summer Conference

It was wonderful to have an opportunity to rub elbows with outstanding children’s book writers and illustrators this past weekend. The SCBWI events never disappoint and in fact leave you with an uplifted writing spirit. I was fortunate to sell my book during the Members… Continue Reading “SCBWI Summer Conference”

Look At Me, Look At Me-Can You Guess My Specialty?

Look At Me, Look At Me-Can You Guess My Specialty? allows children to use their natural powers of observation to recognize patterns that animals share such as master jumpers having long, powerful hind legs and master predators having all sharp teeth. The illustrations by Lori Ann Levy-Holm beautifully provide… Continue Reading “Look At Me, Look At Me-Can You Guess My Specialty?”

Lions – Master Hunter

Lions are a featured animal in my first book, Look At Me, Look At Me – Can You Guess My Specialty?  The extraordinary physical features of lions stand out and when matched with their empowering spirit, they are true master of their domain as hunters… Continue Reading “Lions – Master Hunter”