National Science Teaching Association Blog: STEM & Early Childhood Education

Nature’s Notebook: This website allows students and adults to take notes on plants. It provides the charts that you fill them in with data on bud growth, leaves, locations of plants.

Mystery Science: Science Lessons for Teachers 

Phenomenon – K-12 STEM Resources: We offer workshops and resources to help teachers, schools, and districts implement a standards-focused, phenomenon-based, student-centered approach in their science classrooms.


Videos demonstration about STEM topics such as “The Size of Our Planets” and a “Coral Reef Habitat” from Naomi and Jared from Temple University’s College of Science and Technology

Fun Science Demos:


Sesame Street Clips with SCIENCE CONTENT

National Geographic Kids on You Tube:

TV shows with STEM Emphasis

Animal Science:

Curious Crew:


STEM Education Coalition

Works aggressively to raise awareness in Congress, the Administration, and other organizations about the critical role that STEM education plays in enabling the U.S. to remain the economic and technological leader of the global marketplace of the 21st century. Members of the STEM Coalition believe that our nation must improve the way our students learn science, mathematics, technology and engineering and that the business, education, and STEM communities must work together to achieve this goal.

National Math + Science Initiative

After-school and Out-of-School Time (OST) Programs with all or part of their mission having a STEM focus

ExpandED Schools: non-profit based in New York working directly with schools to help them partner with strong youth-serving community organizations to maximize their combined resources to achieve at least 35% more learning time at 10% of the cost of the school day.

Taproot Foundation: Legal support and leadership guidance for education

Reading Skills Development

Knowledge Building  for Beginning Readers and Vocabulary Development Podcast with Dr. Freddy Hiebert

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